Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome. Apologia.

This is my blog about nothing, just like everyone else’s. It’s as much for me as it is for you, and if you leave me hate mail, you are officially forewarned that I’m a big fan not only of 27/b but also of things with such fun titles as Your Hate Mail will be Graded.

Things that I will blog about:



+Books I’ve actually read***

+Whatever else I effing feel like

While I will at least consider trying to sound like I know how to communicate without cursing, I make no binding promises.  I’m an adult, and I really hope you are too.  Also, I spent some quality time in the UK so from time to time my spelling and grammar may go more haywire than normal.  Who doesn’t love an extra ‘u’ now & then?

*Actual runners, just a heads up, I am aware that I suck.  2010 was my first year back running since my caveman days of college and this year I’m aiming for a PB 5k time of under 30 minutes.  Yes, I typed that correctly.  On the less crap side, I’m only running 3 5ks this year, plus a lot of 8s, 10s, a 15, and fates willing, my first half marathon in October.

**I like to cook and am admittedly snotty about it. Theoretically, I lean towards Bourdain and run as fast as my feets will carry from Rachel Ray, aka The Devil Spawn.  Try harder.

***Mostly found shelved in the Fantasy/Science Fiction shelves, but I dabble in mystery, “literature,” young adult, less adult, and humour as well.

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